Art + Business...

For the creative professional, it is often a fine line between the two.  You need an advisor who understands both sides of this equation, to provide you with real solutions to the issues facing you and your livelihood.

An Attorney is often considered a last resort...  

I take not only my work personally, but yours as well. In partnering with you and your business efforts, I consider what will serve you best overall, not simply what will work for “right now.” I will help you take purposeful action immediately, dealing with the issues effectively and economically, rather than simply waiting until there are no other options. Not only can I help you navigate complex legal questions as they arise, but I will advance and protect your best interests going forward.

Advocate and Advisor...

You don’t need just another representative, you need someone who vigorously believes in what you are doing. I am here to collaborate with you, and devise the best possible solutions to the issues you face, and reach an even higher level of success.


Business and Intellectual Property Law

Nashville, TN


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Practice Areas / Services

  1. Corporate and Business Affairs

  2. Contract Negotiation

  3. Copyright & Trademark

  4. Licensing

  5. Employment and Personal Service Contracts



Info @ Paul Hinman . net